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Welcome to sfaql clan tag (SFA)

My name is CALL_1-800-MERC sunrisehunter & ACE_KILLER_357 and im the founder of sfa

The other leaders are TDDbrian & deadly0

The leader for the xbox clans is cjhogan24  (Ps3 name corndog457)

The clan coleaders are IMMPOSTER, amorton94, &  DAJZK-GOD

The recruiters are  crabbyfive, CODASSASINATOR09 , & greenhouse2009

we are all just a group of friends who meet online

Add me, TDDbrian, & deadly0 to join

and please fill out a game form and a new member form thanks for your time 

we just have fun

 see you online

Sign up please use your Ps3 id system

Miniclip games are moved to a special page

thanks for your cooperation




   sfaql email

number currently online


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